For centuries, Venice has been known as The City of Love. Filled with charming Gothic and Renaissance architecture, cobble-stoned passageways, tales of Casanova and immortalised in modern day pop culture from Madonna suggestively dancing on a gondola down the canals in the Like a Virgin video to the James Bond franchise. It’s Old World charms have set it apart and inspired millions of travelers and creatives the world over.

Sadly, the canals that make Venice so unique also threaten the city’s survival. Built on an archipelago in a marshy lagoon, Venice has lived with the constant threat of Acqua alta for centuries. The millennium-long struggle to make the in-habitual habitual, has always been a testament to Italian ingenuity at it’s finest – in the most elegant, gritty and enchanting way. I have no doubt that Venice will succeed at survival once more.

With only one day in Venice, I wanted to capture Venice at it’s most magical, from late afternoon to sunset.